Saturday, March 15, 2008

wurtsboro mountain update - rr and photos to follow

what a great day for running! and, impressively, there was a record turn-out for the race!

a quick roll call includes: emmy, don, rob, anthony, kristen, christine, doug, john, barbara and greg! non-runners included todd and his two sons who manned the 6 mile aid station, emmy's brother and sister-in-law, todd and anne, and the busiest person of the day, myriam - a/k/a the race director!

i finished in 2:29:22, an 8:01 pace. that was 4:30 off last year's finish, and well-off the sub 2:20's of 2005 and 2006 - but still loved every minute of it!

here are my race photos (with links to additional photos).

here are the official results from sullivan striders.

and here is anthony's report.


Anonymous said...

Good job on the race! You and Emmy are well prepared for HAT and Umstead.

See you at HAT,

emmy said...

hey! your photo of wurtsboro mountain belongs with anthony's course profile!. Very proud of all of our group for getting thru that tough course this a.m.! will we be able to run tommorrow? that is the question.

Just_because_today said...

HAT? I gave you a headband...
Two questions, how come my name doesn't have a link. And no mention of the guy with the knife? I mean, where do you find such excitement??? a guy trying to run runners over and then producing a knife, NYPD chasing him, taking him into custody and then releasing because...he didn't threatened anyone. OK, somebody is gotta explain that one to me.

Can you get rid of that annoying word verification? I am not that great of a typist and I keep entering it incorrectly.

Let's get together soon with Emmy...oh wait, gotta wait until I can drink

AnthonyP said...

Fantastic job, once again. Way to go. See you tomorrow.

rundangerously said...

thanks tim! with the 30k done, now i can start thinking about h.a.t. - i'm psyched!

emmy, now it's time for us to start thinking about h.a.t :)

myriam, there is a hyperlink to your blog! hopefully there'll be some local press coverage of the knife incident - but don't want to give it too much attention! it may keep some people from coming to the race!

anthony, wish you were coming down to h.a.t. w/us :(