Friday, March 7, 2008

waiting for the rain

the forecast predicts rain to arrive late friday afternoon and stay until late day saturday. all i could think about was the horrible time i'd have trying to get in a long run tomorrow. on the bright side, a forced rest day would probably be a good thing for the 15k on sunday. somehow at times like this, a treadmill seems like a very attractive thing.

i ran 8 miles this afternoon. given the above, i should have stretched it out to 10, or more. but, ever the optimist, i'm sure there'll be some opportunities to get in miles tomorrow. as for today, it took 1:oo:41, a 7:35 pace, to run those 8 miles. my 6 mile split of 45:09, a 7:31 pace, was in line with my times for the other 6 daily milers this week. i head into the weekend with only 32 miles, poor prospects for a long run tomorrow, and a 15k on sunday. the race will put me over 40 miles for the week. post race mileage will increase that to the high 40s. but unless i get in 10+ miles tomorrow, a 60 mile week is unlikely.

as for the race, with a 10:15 start, it's actually the third event of the morning. the day starts with a 1.7 mile walk and is followed by a 4 mile race. in addition to those two events, there's also a health expo held in conjunction with the events. it adds up to a very crowded central park on race morning. we also return to daylight savings time on sunday - losing a precious hour of sleep in the process.

last year i drove in with my friend emmy. this year, emmy, rob, don, and i are carpooling into the city. once in the city we're going to meet up with another friend, greg, and his daughter. i picked up the race packets for us on thursday. finally, we're also going to try and meet up with one more friend, staci, on the walk over to the start. thank goodness for cell phones.

here is a link to my 2007 race report.


m.e. said...

well, it's 8:30 p.m. on 3/7 and as I write this, the rain is coming down hard. It might be difficult for you to get a long run tomm. in the rain but the Race Dir. of Umstead said you have to train a few times in the rain -don't shy away! (ugh -so you do have an excuse). Love reading your blog -it's so wonderful so far:)--admire your writing style and how you share your thoughts. You have run really well this week --doesn't the quality balance out the reduced miles? Next week for Umstead should be the hardest week? This Sunday should be fun --we will know alot of people. Susan will be cheering after she does the 4 miler. I am bummed out that the t-shirt is the same -very boring!
The things I learn from your blog!

Just_because_today said...

you could have spiced up your Friday evening by joining us for the Mixer. Damn rain kept some people away, it was still ok.
Do you ever run easy? I see that even your Saturday run was done scientifically planned...
Too bad you are getting boring t-shirts, you should have done the Celebrate Life!

rundangerously said...

thanks emmy! but i can't get my head into umstead right now. plenty of time for that later this month. in fact, after tomorrow, have to focus on wurtsboro!

thanks myriam! i'm psyched about another wurtsboro! i don't know about the scientific training business?! it's more like rolling with whatever the day throws at you training plan;)

see you next weekend!