Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter sunday

when i got home from the bunny boogie, i ran 10 miles in 1:17:57, a 7:48 pace. the downside to running the bunny boogie having to miss my weekend long run. but spending the morning with katie more than made up for the reduced mileage. with the post-race mileage, i had 66 miles for the week - but that was below my goal of 75. i didn't an extra 4 miles friday night because of the fever. then, even with last night's additional 4 miles (33:21/8:20 pace), which gave me 70 for the week - i was still 5 miles off target.

this morning, with chores, preparation for easter dinner, and church service, i squeezed in 6 miles before our guests arrived. those were some of the hardest miles of the week, on dead legs - done in 46:44, a 7:47 pace. it was a repeat of friday's death at 4 miles, followed by a struggle to finish the last 2 miles and get home. still, it gave me 76 miles for the week. tonight i'll try and run another 4-6 miles to end the week with 80. but after a day of holiday eating and drinking, that may be the hardest run of the week :)

summing up the training. it's been a disappointing week overall. the lousy weather, especially the seemingly never ending headwinds, plus the cough and fever, all combined to make this one of the most unpleasant stretches of running for me in recent memory. this would've been easily forgettable training week in february - but not 2 weeks before umstead. even the relatively high mileage was cobbled together with a stretch of daily doubles - and did not include a long run! for overall effectiveness, i would give it a grade of "c" - and that's generous.

still, it's all good. hopefully next week will see some warmer, less windy, weather!


AnthonyP said...

Happy Easter. There's always next week.

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony! and a very happy easter to you too! see you for the scarsdale races next weekend!

Tomas said...

46:44 on dead legs... that's impressive!

rundangerously said...


thanks for stopping via iceland! the fischer-spassky photo was taken in iceland, in 1972! good luck w/your first marathon!

Just_because_today said...

but you got your church service are a better man than I am!

rundangerously said...

myriam, that's one of my two trips to church every year :)