Thursday, March 6, 2008

back to running

yesterday i had to squeeze in my run at 10:00 at night. i actually got home from work/class just after 9, but got distracted with some chinese food and the need to fix a mysterious problem with my laptop that kept me from getting on-line. dinner eaten and computer fixed, i headed out for 6 miles. the first mile in 8:04, was uneventful. but a nice progression of faster miles gave me a 44:31, 7:25 pace, for the 6 miles.

today my afternoon was broken up with a quick trip to the nyrr for colon cancer 15k packet pick-up. in addition to my own, i collected the race packets for some friends that i'm meeting up with the race. i was somewhat disappointed that the nyrr didn't bother to change the design of the race shirt!

i got home early enough to run 6 miles in daylight. that was a nice change from the tuesday and wednesday evening runs. the run started off with a 7:56 mile and, again, after a progressively faster miles, i finished in 7:18, a 7:18 pace. in my planned recovery from the caumsett park 50k i wanted to keep the mileage volume low, but maintain some intensity for the shorter distances.

my daily 6 milers for the week so far:

monday - 47:45/7:58 pace
tuesday - 47:14/7:52 pace
wednesday - 44:31/7:25 pace
thursday - 43:46/7:18 pace

while i was happy with this progression, with the low daily mileage and a 15k race on sunday, getting to 60 miles for the week is going to be a reach.

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Just_because_today said...

I guess I posted my comment to the wrong post! here is where I read that you ran 6 miles in what seems a systematic way. Have you tried for once to just run without worrying about pace?