Sunday, March 16, 2008

trrc st. patrick's day 10k photos and results

anthony, emmy and me

the youngest miss mysolitude, greg, emmy,
me and anthony

mark and gregg

me and anthony, before we discovered the
captain lawrence beer

paul and me

here is my race report.

official results for 2 miler
official results for 10k

here are photos from the 2009 st. patrick's day races!


AnthonyP said...

Great pics. Good to see you twice this weekend. Keep me in he loop on future races.

Bob Gentile said...

Good Job Frank.... I was talking with Tony he said ur one fast mofo :-)

johnking said...

I had to comment...Mark in your picture resembles the great basketball player/annoying analyist Bill Walton...who is also a huge all makes sense now!

Paul said...

Re: your comment on my blog
That race in Darien sounds like fun. Unfortunately I'll be further in CT that day for my stepmom's 80th birthday. (Don't tell her I said that)
Do you normally run the North County News 5K in Yorktown in June?
Sure it's 1/10 of your normal race distance but it's also a fast course.

rundangerously said...

bob, thanks for stopping by to say hello! anthony warned us about you and your very unique blog ;) i'm going head over there and check it out today!

john, in his day job mark is a musician! not sure if he's a deadhead?! can't believe i overlooked asking him about such an important detail!

i haven't done ncn (yet) - but have heard plenty of good things about it (especially that it's a fast course).
what's the next race you're looking at?

anthony - didn't i send you that link to the bunny boogie? that's what i'm thinking about for next weekend.

Meredith said...

Good job at ANOTHER race. wheeeeeee. Thanks for the pictures.

mindy said...

Awesome pics - everyone looks so happy! Great way to spend the weekend. Love the race name Bunny Boogie - have fun! (p.s. Hope you get into RTB!)