Saturday, March 1, 2008

welcome to my sliver of cyberspace!

it's hard to believe this blog is finally up! for someone as technologically challenged as i am, this is no small accomplishment. as i get some experience with this new medium, i'll add more stuff, namely links and photos.

this blog will be about my running and running-related experiences. i run just about every day and line up for a race almost every weekend. when i'm not running or racing, or thinking about training and what races i can run, i practice law, teach, and, together with my wife, pat, raise an awesome 12 (soon to be 13) year old daughter, katie. in fact, my favorite race experiences are those that involve races with katie.

lately my running has focused on ultras. tomorrow is the caumsett park 50k on long island. it is also the usaft 50k road championship. last year this race kicked off my training cycle for the vermont 100 miler. this year it's midway in my training cycle for the umstead 100 miler in raleigh, north carolina, the first week of april. i'm looking forward the race, especially since many of my friends from the broadway ultra society (b.u.s) and the kickrunners ultra forum will be there. but i can't say i'm ready for it.

february was a tough training month for me. it started off with the flu, which kept me out of work and off the roads for four days. then a business trip took me to india. ironically, it turned out to be my highest mileage week of the month. i ran 67 miles, all on hotel treadmills, while i was there. i was welcomed home with an intestinal bug that, once again, kept me home from work and off the roads for a few days. my weekly mileage dropped from 70 in january to 43 in february. this last week has been an easy build-up to my earlier, pre-february, mileage base. including this afternoon's 4 miles, i've logged 40 miles for the week.

tomorrow i'll post a race report and photos from caumsett park.


Anonymous said...

great start to your blog --since I know how intergal running is to your life and since I know you love to write--have a feeling this blog will be special! and a great journey for you and way to stay connected to your running friends and I am depending on your sense of humor to inform and enlighten! ...if life is a marathon, then the blog is a marathon also..without further pontification, look forward to reading it all. good luck tommorrow -can't wait for page 2!

Macii said...

This looks like you are off to a great start! I am interested to read more about your running! I'm especially looking forward to your thoughts on the Ultra Marathon. I'm looking towards my first marathon.

Come "stop by" we have running in common.