Monday, March 10, 2008

my best mile of the year

today i ran what was easily my best mile of the year. it happened after i finished a training run of 6 miles. and no pr was ever in jeopardy! this wonderful mile was run with my daughter and her friend!

let me restart this entry. i got home from work and was about to head out for a 6 mile run. my daughter and her friend were next door doing their homework together. when i called her to say i'd be home by 5:30, she asked if we could go out and run a mile together when i got home. that, to put it mildly, was a surprise! i certainly would never say no to that!

she hadn't done any running since the couple of 5k's she did last fall. instead, her sports consisted of field hockey, basketball, and cheerleading. with those activities now finished, and lacrosse a few weeks away, i guess she felt it was time to start getting ready for the new season. also, our local 4 mile race is at the end of the month. never to early to get in a little training for it.

i finished my 6 mile run in 47:18, a 7:53 pace. when i got home they had just finished their homework. as soon as they switched into running gear, we headed out. the route was a simple half mile out and back. katie's friend had just moved to the house next door from chicago a few months ago. so part of the conversation focused on the chicago marathon. more importantly, however, i enjoyed listening to them interact as we ran. this was the fastest 9:40 mile i can remember!

it was such a wonderful end to my day - or, rather, i should say it was and awesome way to start off the week!


johnking said...

is that a new prefontaine pic? I have a pic of him in my office and all the kids are like who in the heck is that guy with the mustache?!?!

rundangerously said...

yes it is! pre is actually one of my favorite runners of all time! i also have a large poster that of him on the track that i picked up at a marathon expo a couple of years ago!

AnthonyP said...

Awesome run. I tagged you today on my blog...hope you don't mind.

See you Saturday and Sunday.