Wednesday, March 19, 2008

updated schedule

last night i updated my near term race calendar. the big race for me is umstead. to get psyched up for it, i put up that really nifty count down clock. little did i realize that watching it would stress me out enough to avoid visiting my own blog - haha.

i'm actually looking forward to umstead. my goal is to finish it 24 hours and redeem my poor performance in vermont last summer. but, i'm getting ahead of myself because there's time enough to talk about umstead - after the h.a.t. 50k.

two new additions, the bunny boogie 3 miler and scarsdale 4 miler, are races i want to run with my daughter. the bunny boogie is still a maybe for her, the 4 miler is a definite! i added the run as one 4 miler (scored race #5 toward nycm o9). most of my running buddies will be tearing up the trail on bear mountain that day. i'll be missing them, but not the trail running coming off umstead the week before.

after that short rest week will be an interesting run of races: boston, sybil, bklyn half, and li greenbelt trail. i've done each at least once, if not multiple times, and am really psyched run them again. each has it's own particular story, which i'm sure i'll mention as those dates get closer.

the norwalk 10k kicks off don's newest season as race director of all good things in norwalk! while the 10k isn't officially part of the summer series - which starts in june with a 3 miler and buikds up in distance to the concluding half in early september - it's a heads up, welcome back, event. i can't miss it.

finally, the boy scout 5k is easily my favorite non-nyrr central park race! i should confess that i was a card-carrying boy scout growing up, love everything about scouting, and my daughter now continues the campy tradition as a girl scout :)

it's all good!

anyone planning to run one of those races, and is up for some informal pre or post-race socializing, post a comment and let us know!


AnthonyP said...

You are getting good at this blogging thing (countdown timer and all !! ).

Hopefully we can meet up on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

16 days and counting.....should be interesting. I think you are in shape to do it under 24 but I don't think I am.

see ya there,

rundangerously said...

thanks tim! before umstead comes hat! see you in maryland!

anthony, i hope you can go to darien on saturday! but the better training is the hilly 18 miles :o

CTmarathoner said...

Greenbelt trail is on my father's birthday (may 10)--do you think Nick would sell me an extra t-shirt?
I am so looking forward to Sybil, Brooklyn and Greenbelt(in a masochist kind of way)...