Friday, March 28, 2008

a pair of 8 milers

in the last 24 hours, since my "runner's low, runner's high post," i've gotten in two 8 mile runs and had no time to dwell on lows or enjoy any highs - but i did get in the miles :)

yesterday turned into one of those days where everything seems to rush on ahead - and you're just carried along for the ride. i had a client drop off her tax documents at lunch, then i thought i'd stop at village hall to preregister for the 4 miler - only to find, to my surprise, that the rec dept. was only taking registrations until 4, not 5! missing that, i headed over to lacrosse practice to collect my daughter and her friend, and bring them home.

then i got to run the 8 miles. that took 1:02:21, a 7:48 pace. but i didn't have much time to dwell on the post-race glow from that elusive runner's high b/c i had to drive to new rochelle and pick up documents from another client. when i got home, my wife and daughter were preparing for the 6:30 girl scout troop meeting taking place at our house that night. i was given 3 slices of pizza, some bottled water, and told to make myself scarce for a couple of hours!

luckily, the troop meeting ended well before the season finale of the celebrity apprentice went on a 9:00 o'clock! so i got to reclaim my living room and watch some reality t.v. to end the day.

this morning i went out for my run before work. i normally run in the late afternoon, so the morning run was unusual. one reason for the change in routine was the forecast of nasty weather later today. i ran the 8 miles 2 minutes slower than the day before, in 1:04:30, an 8:04 pace. for the 5 day week, it gives me a less than stellar 22 miles.

but looking at the 60k tomorrow, and the 4 miler on sunday, i should finish the week with at least 60 miles. then it's full steam ahead to umstead the following saturday!!


Paul said...

You should add a 5 mile warm up and a 5 mile cool down tomorrow. That would get you to 70 for the week.

Let's please ignore the fact that your race mileage tomorrow is more than my total for this week.

Good Luck.

AnthonyP said...

From low back to high. You're doing the 60k tomorrow, right ? I'm heading over to Rockies for a short 20. You can always come by after and add another 5-10 miles.