Friday, March 28, 2008

"run fatboy run" movie review

how far will a sedentary, cigarette smoking, guy go to win the respect of the mother of his 5 year old son - the same woman he abandoned, nine months pregnant, at the alter? he announces that he's going to run a marathon - one only 3 weeks away - to prove that he can compete with her new boyfriend. that's the running related premise of "run fatboy run," a light romantic comedy that opened today.

from the first run that kicks off his "training" - where he develops a run-ending side stitch only a few doors down the street from his apartment - to finding out that he just can't show up and "run" without registering (and the race has long since been sold out) - thus leading to his increasingly extreme efforts to secure a charity slot - and finding one on behalf of erectile dysfunction - this movie packs in a lot of running humor. two of the funniest bits are how he deals with "chafing" and the large blister on foot - these scenes are hilarious!

then there's the actual marathon itself, which is the nike "run the river" marathon taking the runners along the thames. one highlight of his run was the inevitable encounter with the "wall" - and his determination to break on thru to the other side. i'm not giving away any state secrets when i say that he finishes in under 14 hours - a solid 13:55! and in doing so, banishes the rival and wins back the girl - how else could such a movie end?

this movie will definitely make you laugh. it will also make runners smile with recognition many familiar running moments. it's a light-hearted, funny movie that may even inspire non-runners to lace up and going running :)

here's the review from the ny times.


boxoffice update: turned out to be a very disappointing opening weekend for "run fatboy run" - as it failed to make it into the top ten.

"If you're looking down the list for Run, Fat Boy, Run, don't bother. With only $2.4 million out of the gate it couldn't even break into the number twelve spot. Only showing in 1100 theatres, it was likely to have a rough ride, but now it looks like David Schwimmer's debut won't ever get to see the inside of the top ten."


Paul said...


Yes, I have considered the NYRR races at Icahn. I just have to see the schedules of the meets to see which events are later in the evening. It's hard to get from lower Manhattan to Randall's early. This would be a great opportunity to really test all of this training I've been fortunate to survive!

Zoooma said...

Funny, as an addicted runner, and as a hopeful marathon runner who is endlessly "training" to someday be able to finish a marathon, I didn't look at TV commercials for Run Fatboy Run as a movie that would interest me specifically because of the running. I probably would've discovered that interest on my own while watching it... but thanks to your review it'll without a doubt be on my mind!

I generally aim to always be optimistic in life but when it comes to the hope that more people will get off their butts to run (or get some significant exercise) ... I just don't see a movie achieving that. Would be nice. If more people only knew how much better they'd feel and how much healthier they could be from running ... oh well.

Lookin' forward to the movie though! Have a great weekend!

Just_because_today said...

the movie sounds romantic and stupid, somehow those two words always go together

kerrinhardy said...

Hi Frank

Nice review!

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