Tuesday, March 25, 2008

reluctant rest day

after the desultory drop off in mileage - 6, 17, and 6 miles, respectively, for the last 3 days - in finished last week with 76 miles. by sunday night i still suffered from the lingering effects of the cough and fever that had nagged me all week, the weather was still lousy - especially the heavy winds that refused to abate, and i had gone for a long stretch without a day off. i'd run every day since february 23, basically 4 straight weeks.

it was finally time to take a rest day and regroup. but that was easier said, than done, because by monday night i was already going thru withdrawal idling around the house - haha. it was a strange feeling to watch the clock tick away while i stayed inside on a perfectly fine running day! but as unpleasant as not running was, i survived my reluctant rest day.

i also decided to switch from the h.a.t. 50k to the queens 60k. purely as a matter of logistics, running the 60k will save the 3+ hour drive down to maryland, an overnight stay there, and a 3+ drive back home. in additions, this will be my first 60k race, and it will be scored as part of the ny ultra running grand prix series.

so after a day off, i returned to my basic running route along the post road this afternoon. it was not fun because, after all that rest, i somehow felt rusty! after only one day off i needed to get my sea legs back! the six mile run took 46:55, a 7:49 pace. i'm sure some unseen benefits accrued as a result of the rest day - but there has to be an easier way :)


mindy said...

Those rest days definitely pay off. Great sign that you are having no feelings of burnout after those high mileage weeks - awesome!

AnthonyP said...

Take the rest days. You have been going all out for a while and Umstead is around the corner.

rundangerously said...

thanks mindy!

thanks anthony!

Just_because_today said...

good doesn't mean easy... your day off will pay off