Friday, March 14, 2008

five day training wrap-up

today i got in two easy runs: a 6 miler in the morning and a 4 miler just before dinner tonight. the double was made possible because i didn't go to the office today. an early morning dentist appointment together with having my daughter at home because the middle school gave students the day off (why, i had no idea) made working from home necessary.

the highlight of the morning run was the rain shower that arrived at the two mile mark - with the sun shining through the clouds no less! it lasted just long enough to make me uncomfortably wet for the remaining 4 miles. i was done in 46:02, a 7:20 pace.

the pre-dinner 4 miler was easy and uneventful. i was done in 32:22, an 8:06 pace. after dinner i went over to the high school and watched my daughter's basketball game.

for the five days heading into the weekend, i've run 41 miles. on target to reach 70 miles for the week, which includes the race mileage from the 30k tomorrow and the 10k on sunday. the race mileage leaves me short of 70, so i'll need a post-race run on sunday to hit the target.

tomorrow morning, emmy, rob, and don will arrive here at 7:00 and we'll car pool to sullivan county for the 3ok. anthony, driving up with a friend of his, will meet us at the race.

race report, results, and photos to follow tomorrow afternoon.


mindy said...

Good luck!!! Awesome mileage goal - the race will be great. We are getting a little bit of snow here...I'm pretty much done with snow this year. Looking forward to the race report.

rundangerously said...

thanks mindy! just got back from the race and posted quick update. rr and photos tonight!
would you mind if i added five squirrels to my blogroll?

Just_because_today said...

why I ask, why???
70 miles....
I am still interested in reading the poetry pieces.

mindy said...