Saturday, March 22, 2008

bunny boogie 3 miler photos and results

emmy, rob, katie, john, and kate

my favorite picture :)

emmy and rob, post-race

katie about to finish!

katie and emmy crest the hill!

john crests the hill!

just one little hill!

katie and emmy, just after the first mile

art, tom, and michael, pre-race

kate and rob, pre-race

emmy and gail, pre-race

katie, what has my dad gotten me into? :)
here are the official results.


AnthonyP said...

Great pics !

CTmarathoner said...

wonderful pics --loved the ones of us and the group going uphill. Forgot to ask Michael if he going to run the Scarsdale 4 miler!!! He is a crack-up. Did you show Tom that Katie was wearing the freezer 5 headband???

rundangerously said...

anthony nnd emmy, don't you think the one w/katie and me (w/my hat about to fall off) makes me look like an escapee from the set of the coneheads? :D

mindy said...

uugh, that hill! Great pix - happy easter!