Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 bunny boogie 3 miler: race photos and results

just back from darien and a slightly wet bunny boogie 3 miler. despite heading over there a little bummed because katie (wisely) decided to skip the race, it turned out to be a great time. john, emmy, rob, kate and dawn were all there - and got to meet luis (running ct) after the race.

ran a 19:36, 6:32 pace, and didn't feel too worse for the wear of missing a week of running because of an untimely bout of walking pnuemonia :(

here are the official results from clubct.

check out kate's race report and photos!

here are my race photos (captions to follow):


DawnB said...

Frank you did great out there. I was wondering what happen to Katie. I think she would have had fun regardless of the rain. But how do you tell a 14 year old its fun to run in the rain. I guess she will know by post :) hope you don't mind i saved some of your photos. Thank you

Running CT said...

Nice to finally meet you Frank.