Sunday, April 26, 2009

dead at madison square garden: setlist

the dead played madison square garden last night - probably the venue they played most, outside california, during their touring days. unfortunately for me, went 0-2 with their nyc area appearances :( still have a chance to catch one of their hartford or jersey shows - keeping my fingers crossed for that :D

in the meantime, have to enjoy them vicariously - via my friends reports of the shows :D

here is the setlist from last night:

first set:

cosmic charlie
china cat sunflower>
shakedown street
ship df fools
he's gone

second set:

cryptical envelopment>
the other one>
born cross eyed>
st. stephen>
the eleven>
uncle john's band>
unbroken chain>
gimme shelter
one more saturday night


brokedown palace

here is the nassau coliseum setlist.


Anonymous said...

it wasnt drums space. if your head you know it was a full CRYPTICAL into that's it for the other one

the GIMME SHELTER OMG 1st ever

i'm just a shot away , the whole worlds gonna fadeawy


Anonymous said...

was it just me or were bobby's vocals almost non existent? great show though and warren is an amazing muscician

pigtailsflying said...

Hey there. My husband is going to be at the 4/29 show. Let me know if you want a disc burned, he'll be taping.

frankd said...

Got to the MSG show a bit late, during Shakedown Street (after 1st stopping off in Brooklyn to transition from deadlegs to deadhead after the Sybil 50K). Climbed up to the top level. Seat was high and somewhat behind the stage, but right up at the railing, so I felt like I had a Jerry's eye view of the entire proverbial Dead Concert Oneness. The stage lighting, the color-shifting superstructure/mobile above the stage, and the occasional play of lights across the audience all contributed to an unusually enjoyable stadium-scale show.

Hey. Great show. Even in my section, the crowd was really energized, really into it, and loud enough to let everyone onstage know it. Fans who have been to multiple shows say the band is really progressing on this tour. Warren is blending in well, almost too well. I'm not saying it's time to reinstate the "Grateful" modifier, but the band is playing as a whole. There's no "something's missing" feeling.

BTW the MSG audio is already up at (with show reviews) and you can monitor future Dead additions to at

Highlights for me were Sugaree and One More Saturday Night. Gimmee Shelter was an unexpected treat. And I personally cannot get enough of St. Stephen/The Eleven, which were absent from many of the first shows I ever attended. Same goes for Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Born Cross Eyed, which of course are always best appreciated when wasted from a hard-run 50K ultramarathon, or whatever it is that's your wasting method of choice.

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing show this was. Shakedown got the whole vibe going and everyone from then on was jamming and just having an all out great night in the city! Audio was great and the seating was awesome. Wish the guys would have made it to each side of the stage at the end of the show rather than staying right in the center! Great show wish I could make another one!