Sunday, April 19, 2009

hudson valley 15k: race photos and results

today was the inaugural hudson valley 15k in blooming grove, new york. my friend todd was instrumental in putting this challenging race together, i love his description of the course (from the race flyer):

"Make no mistake, and listen to no one who says otherwise - this course has hills! A daunting one at mile 2, and at least two other "testers" further along the route. But the majority of the course is extremely picturesque, enough so that one might momentarily forget about the hills every once in a while."

it had the hills and the beauty - and great weather too. i finished in 1:08:31, a 7:21 pace.

here is my race report.

here are the official results from coolrunning.

here are my race photos:

pre-race: emmy and todd

pre-race: me and todd

pre-race quarter mile walk to the starting line.

todd, finishing.

emmy, finishing.

emmy, done

me and emmy.

me and todd.

back to the post-race activities.

post-race food included eggs, chicken, sausage and peppers, pasta, bagels, and fruit!

emmy and mark.


emmy, first place age group!


runner-grrl said...

nice race, well done! great photos too :-) --alex (aka run 350)

Bill Braine said...

Great race, thanks for posting!

Just_because_today said...

Frank, what's up with your hairdo? stylish...
Wish I had been there. Todd is a good friend. Was summoned to my family's in Queens last night.

Mark said...

Nice meeting you and Emmy. Good RR too and nice finish ;) I had to bolt out so didn't get a chance to say good bye, sorry.

Hope to see you at The Hook sunday!