Friday, April 3, 2009

pneumonia, not umstead :(

imagine my surprise that instead of posting about umstead, or a review of drugstore cowboy which i watched on wednesday night as i was preparing my drop bags for umstead, i spent yesterday with nasty flu-like symptoms. my doctor squeezed me in for a 2:30 visit and, after i couple of chest x-rays, walked out of the office with a diagnosis of pneumonia!!

surprise, even shock, was an understatement. i couldn't believe the irony. with my bags packed for the trip down to north carolina, pat and katie would fly down while i spent the next 10 days taking antibiotics and getting bed rest. i couldn't dwell on the injustice of it all because for the next several hours i was in bed bouncing from chills to muscles aches to the bathroom.

since wednesday night all i've had to eat is a cup of jello and two slices of toast. my appetite shows signs of returning this morning. thank god, because the liquid diet of gatorade and water was about to drive me to crazy. i think i'll move up the solids chain to chicken soup today. on the postive side, i've easily dropped five pounds+ since wednesday!

i'm incredibly bummed about missing umstead. for some reason, coupled with last years injuries at the race, this event must be generating some seriously negative karma for me. aside from the race itself, i won't get to see my in-laws, or friends at the race. another - unpleasant - irony is having to miss katie's birthday on sunday. and, finally, i rescheduled my thursday night and monday afternoon classes to make this trip - now all for naught!

that said, the worst thing is having to be sidetracked for up to 10 days with no running - much less racing. that will drive me nuts!

in the meantime, good luck to emmy, anthony, wayne, tammy, grant, hugo, admas, roger, bob, dave, fred, and everyone from kickrunners! have a great race (and take plenty of pictures)!


AnthonyP said...

sorry you can't make it. I will run lap #1 in hour honor.

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Frank,

I am so sorry to hear that you will not be at Umstead. We will miss you.

Take good care of yourself. Rest, Relax and get better soon!


Running CT said...

I'm sorry to hear that.
Hope get well soon.

Bob's 50@50 said...

Get Well. Watch a good running movie instead.

johnking said...

horrible news frank. get better and eat well man. maybe if your sick next week you can catch opening day on tv.

Kevin said...

Get well, Frank, and don't go crazy on the jelly and toast :-)

DawnB said...

Frank sorry to hear you are sick. Take care of yourself.

Just_because_today said...

It won't be 10 days with no running, we know that but i know how you feel. I will be missing my marathon too.

susan said...

oh Frank--I can't believe it! Sooooo sorry to hear that you are not at Umstead now. Heartbreaking. I hope you feel better soon...I have a feeling the Netflix guys are gonna run 100 miles this week with you home and resting. Hang in there Frank.

Brooklyn said...

I can SO sympathize with your plight. Been there, done that. Be thankful it's 10 days, not 3 weeks. Hope you're back on your feet soon.

BTW, which antibiotics?