Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

happy easter!

this will be the first easter sunday in almost 10 years that we don't celebrate the holiday at my house! it's a strange feeling to not have a long morning of cooking in store for me. instead of having everyone over here for easter, we'll celebrate at my mother's, in brooklyn!

before the drive to brooklyn will be a trip to church. before church, i'm going to head out for a few windy miles. last night pat and katie colored almost 12 dozen easter eggs, which we'll take with us for our traditional post-easter dinner greek egg-cracking ceremony.

yesterday, we took katie to the cheesecake factory for what was, for me, her belated happy birthday celebration. for katie, it was a second night out to celebrate her birthday! and, this afternoon, she'll have a third birthday celebration - oh to be a kid again :D

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