Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a few more great craft beers at the lazy boy saloon

jeanne and frank.

last night i went over to the lazy boy saloon with emmy, susan, frank, and his sister jeanne (her husband stopped in for a few minutes as well) for a bit of socializing. the lazy boy saloon is probably my favorite bar in westchester - and easily has the largest selection of craft beers in the county. rob, emmy and i visited the lazy boy saloon for some beer after the terry ryan memorial 10k race in hastings-on-hudson last november.

susan and emmy.

to our mild astonishment, jeanne, emmy, and susan drank wine! frank and i each went for the five beer samplers.

these are my selections from sampler (5.5 oz glasses):

delirium tremens
unibroue trois pistoles
ithaca apricot wheat
ommegang chocolate indulgence
brooklyn monster ale

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Ryan said...

Looks like the perfect way begin the week...

Bottoms up \_/ \_/