Saturday, April 18, 2009

summer movie preview: some must see choices on my list

yesterday the entertainment weekly summer movie preview issue arrived. i had too good time checking out what's on the movie horizon last night. while i have little interest in the "x-men" franchise which managed to grab the cover, my "must see" movie of the summer (if not the year) is another sci-fi franchise - the relaunch of "star trek" next month.

while i'll have more to say about these movies when, and if, i actually get to see them, here is my short list:


star trek (5/8) - the name says it all!!
terminator salvation (5/21) - for the inner terminator in me :D


the taking of pelham 1 2 3 (6/12) - a must see remake for all new yorkers (and fans of the original). brings me back to my 70's roots :D
whatever works (6/19) - the woody allen film also highlights the tribeca film festival!


public enemies (7/1) - johnny depp as john dillinger says it all!


julie & julia (8/7) - i love julia child!
the boat that rocked (8/28) - a story about pirate radio set in 60's england!

this list doesn't include the handful of independent, art house, and foreign films that i'll happily stumble across during the next months....

update: midway thru the summer i've seen three of the first five on this list. june was a total bust - decided to wait until the "taking of pelham" is out on dvd (will skip travola's over the top performance of the bad guy). not sure about "whatever works" even on dvd. star trek is the hands down best of the bunch. looking forward to "the boat that rocked" next month!


ChickenUnderwear said...

What about Land of the Lost.


They should give me a free ticket to Taking of Palham 123. It messed up my run over the Manhattan Bridge last Summer. Well, not so messed up, I just had to run on the "bike" side and got to watch them make a movie as I ran.

rundangerously said...

i'd go see land of the lost - just for will ferrell - my favorite celebrity marathon runner :D