Wednesday, April 29, 2009

may 2009 race schedule

may kicks off with not only a "new" race for me, the long island marathon, but a last minute switch at that. i had originally planned on the seven sisters trail race in amherst this sunday, but switched to, and registered for, the marathon just two days ago. hopefully, i can run a bq on long island and mark boston down for next year.

the rest of the schedule is made up of some old favorites (brooklyn half marathon, boy scout 5k, and healthy kidney 10k), and two b.u.s. ultras (greenbelt trail and the memorial 100 mile trek). the biennial 100 mile trek is a great event and, unfortunately, i have to pass up another great event (pineland farms trail 50m) to run it this year.

5/3 - long island marathon
5/9 - long island greenbelt trail 50k
5/14 - boy scouts of america 5k run
5/16 - nyrr healthy kidney 10k
5/23 - pioneer memorial 100m trek - day 1 (kissena park)
5/24 - pioneer memorial 100m trek - day 2 (alley pond park)
5/25 - pioneer memorial 100m trek - day 3 (crocheron park)
5/30 - nyrr brooklyn half marathon

two important non-running events this month:

katie's confirmation and her annual dance recital!


Staci said...

What a great looking month!

Running CT said...

Your picture is in NYRR Runners magazine.