Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 pioneer memorial 100 mile trek - day two, alley pond park: photos

day two of the pioneer memorial 100 mile trek, held at alley pond park (bayside) queens, is in the books! i finished in second place for stage two with a 5:24:10, 9:45 pace. cumulatively, for the two days, i'm in second place overall with a combined time of 10:18:16, 9:17 pace, for the 66.66 miles.

tomorrow is the third, and final, day: 33.33 miles in crocheron park (bayside) queens.

here is my race report.

here are some pictures from day two:

1.0123 mile loop of the park, with 2 significant hills.


emmy, pre-race


here are pictures from day one of the trek.
here are pictures from day three of the trek.

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DawnB said...

outstanding job Frank, hope you are having a good day today.