Saturday, May 9, 2009

happy birthday billy joel - 60 years old today!

wow, billy joel, born may 9, 1949, celebrates his 60th birthday today! hard to believe the last time i saw him in concert was in 1980 - almost 30 years ago - during the "glass houses" tour at madison square garden. i really wanted to see him play at shea to say farewell to the old stadium, but that wasn't to be :(

billy joel's music has been on my ipod forever. starting w/"only the good die young" straight through "we didn't start the fire," his music has been part of the landscape of my youth!

by strange coincidence, heading down to long island for the greenbelt trail race this morning! so it's appropriate that billy joel will be part of that soundtrack :D

happy birthday billy!

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peter said...

Billy Joel, from My Life (I never said I was a victim of circumstance) to Big Shot (I'll give you one hint, honey
You sure did put on a show), the guy could bring it.