Thursday, May 7, 2009

happy birthday bill kreutzmann, 63 years old today!

bill kreutzmann, born may 7, 1946, founding member of the warlocks - soon to be grateful dead - turned 63 today, coincidentally on the last leg of the grateful dead reunion tour! while drums and space are my least favorite part of any dead show (sorry to report that), billy's drums (and even more so when paired w/mickey) gave the dead awesome percussion.

when kreutzmann is not in reunion mode w/his fellow dead band members, he sometimes tours with the rhythm devils.

happy birthday billy!

fyi, i you want to hear the dead sing their version of "happy birthday" to billy, check out "steppin' out with the dead: england '72" :D


ChickenUnderwear said...

Also would have been the 63rd Birthday or New York Dolls / Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan.

I was in the car with the kids just now and they wanted to hear "High School Musical II" for the billionth time. I said it is a short trip can't we listen to the radio. The DJ announced the Jerry's birthday and played (What else) Personalty Crisis. I cranked it as loud as my 9 year olds would tolerate. My son started playing air-guitar like a maniac and both kids said "I don't like the voice of the singer"

Thunders lives in the back seat of my Civic.


rundangerously said...

how about the image of phil practicing his version of johnny thunder's version of pipeline - over and over again in his apartment! now that's a trip down memory lane!