Friday, May 29, 2009

june 2009 race schedule

i just pulled together my race plans for june and the coolest part of the schedule this month is having found three races to run with katie! we've done cook your buns and the greenburgh mile many times in past, but the brand "new" new canaan one miler on a mid-june saturday night looks like too much fun to pass up.

except for the nipmuck trail marathon and the "new" suffolk community college foundation 50k the following week, all the races this month are short distances - 5 miles or less (including a pair of one and three milers). the 2009 norwalk summer series kicks off with the 3 and 5 milers this month. plus, the tuesday night waveny park summer xc series kicks off this month and i'd like to get over there for at least one night this month.

last, but not least, i'm still on the fence about the fairfield half marathon. chances are better than 50/50 that that i'll run it. but even if i decide to skip the race, i'll still head over to jennings beach to cheer on my friends!

6/7 - nipmuck trail marathon
6/12 - cook your buns, 3m
6/13 - norwalk summer series, 3m - [w/katie]
6/13 - new canaan mile - [w/katie] - rescheduled until 6/27
6/14 - suffolk cc foundation 50k
6/20 - greenburgh mile - [w/katie]
6/21 - rowayton father's day fun run, 4.4m
6/24 - summer solistic 15k (training run)
6/27 - norwalk summer series, 5m
6/28 - fairfield half marathon

update: katie and i skipped the new canaan mile and i didn't run the fairfield half marathon after all. but i did add the rowayton father's day fun run and summer solstice 15k to the schedule. the summer solstice 15k became a training run when we got to new paltz 40 minutes after the start of the race!


Just_because_today said...

you should do Rock Hill Run and Ramble 5K on 06/20 with Katie, she will LOVE it plus you'll see me and other friends like Todd (but it's me that is important ha!)
Really, think about it. I'll talk Emmy into it

UltraBrit said...

Woo Hoo! You are also doing a four race weekend! My weekend ends with a 5k though, not a 50k! I'm also doing both races the weekend of the 27th and 28th. Jeanette, Jill and I have also sign up for the Boiler Maker in Utica so we'll have back-to-back races that weekend also. It's very cool that you get to run some races with Katie.

rundangerously said...

myriam, the greenburgh mile is practically a family institution w/katie - can't pass it up!
i though we were all supposed to get together for drinks? gilded otter maybe?

kate, in the it's a small world catagory, you, jeanette and jill will get to meet our really good friend todd at the boilermaker!! and get to drink lots of great saranac beer :D