Thursday, May 14, 2009

frank sinatra died 11 years ago today :(

frank sinatra died 11 years ago today, on may 14, 1998, at the age of 82, with his wife barbara at his side. sinatra's last words were, "i'm losing." it was the end of a long career in entertainment that began in the 1930's and continued well into the 90's.

in the many incarnations of his career, the 1960's sinatra that kicked off with his rat pack films, included the casino shows with the rat pack, and the riveting film "manchurian candidate," is the image i'll always carry around of him.

at the 1994 grammy awards, sinatra received the legend award:

"He was introduced by Bono, who said of Sinatra 'Frank's the chairman of the bad attitude... rock 'n roll plays at being tough, but this guy is the boss. The chairman of boss... I'm not going to mess with him, are you?' Sinatra called it 'the best welcome... I ever had.' "

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Frank Sinatra died!?!?!?