Monday, May 4, 2009

kent state massacre occurred 39 years ago today :(

it's hard to believe that 39 years ago today, on may 4, 1970, the ohio national guard shot and killed 4 students, and wounded 9 others, on the campus of kent state university - in what some refer to as the kent state massacre. why? because of a grotesque overreaction to student protests against u.s. military action in cambodia - an escalation of the war in vietnam!

"In all, 29 of the 77 guardsmen claimed to have fired their weapons, using a final total of 67 bullets. The shooting was determined to have lasted only 13 seconds, although a New York Times reporter stated that "it appeared to go on, as a solid volley, for perhaps a full minute or a little longer." The question of why the shots were fired remains widely debated."

find some time and listen to crosby, stills, nash & young's "ohio" today.

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CTmarathoner said...

the radio this afternoon (3 songs at 3 p.m. -- guess the theme for prizes) played pretenders, neil young and crosby,stills and nash versions of Ohio --thx to reading your blog i knew the answer -the 39th anniversary of kent state...the caller, who went to college during the 1970 killings, got tickets to see the upcoming John lennon exhibit at the Rock n roll hall of fame (not sure where that is?)-that exhibit contains that famous photo of lennon with the NYC t-shirt.