Monday, April 13, 2009

the dead kick off concert run in greensboro, north carolina: set list

how symbolic is it to see the resurrected grateful dead kick off the 2009 reunion tour on easter sunday? spiritually inspired or cosmically ironic? aside from a very quick surprise glimpse from the 3 shows the dead played in one day here in new york city, here they are in full concert mode!

i couldn't wait to read about the first show of the tour this morning (and still keeping my fingers crossed that i can get tickets for one of the nyc area shows next week). the discussion thread at philzone had some less than enthusiastic posts about the show last night :(

my quick take on the setlist: "music never stopped" is the obvious start to show... and a first set "he's gone" tribute to jerry, a must... and "touch of grey" their 80's chart topper was another predictable first set choice.

but then things got strange... mixing together the 60's vintage "caution > new potato caboose" with 70's "help> slipknot> franklin's tower" certainly didn't come out of any dead show i've listened to over the years. i can't wait to hear how that stretch played out live. and samson and delilah as the sole encore - what's that all about?

so the jury, for me, is still way out on this one - hope it sounded better than it looks on paper :(

first set:

music never stopped
jack straw
estimated prophet
he’s gone
touch of grey
i need a miracle

second set:

shakedown street
all along the watchtower>
spacey jam >
caution (do not stop on the tracks)>
cosmic charlie>
new potato caboose>
help on the way>
franklin’s tower


samson and delilah

i hope the tapes of the show make it on to live music archive, but it's already available for download from the dead.


Zoooma!! said...

The Dead @ the Internet Archive!

rundangerously said...

chris, thanks for the link!!

have you listened to any of the show yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, my husband was at one of those quickie, sneak attack nyc shows. And I think he's going to one of their area concerts, too. If you are ever interested to see the other stuff he's recorded live over the past 15 years, let me know... he keeps a catalog & I can email it to you.

rundangerously said...

thanks tk! i fell asleep at the switch when tickets went on sale. and i had no idea they were coming in for those quickies last month - argh... but still a chance i may get to see a show - keeping my fingers crossed on that one!