Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 sybil ludington 50k: photos and results

well today was an incredibly hot day to run a race! the temperature soared into the 80's for a good portion of the race - argh! the short version: ran a 4:25:23 and finished third overall. at the risk of leaving some out: emmy, rob, grant, frank, al, susan, jill, and barbara all took home race hardware!

here is my race report.

here are the official results.

here are my race photos:

pre-race: rob and anthony


me and chris

susan and emmy


rob and grant (mixing his post-race recovery drink)

susan, emmy, frank, and richie

jill and joe

al and grant

emmy, ellen, and frank





tom and emmy


tom and barbara


check out anthony's race photos and videos!
check out emmy's race photos!
here are the 2008 race photos and results.


ChickenUnderwear said...

2 Questions?

Do you think Frank D. needs a shave, he is lookin' old?


Did you beat him?

frankd said...

Just wanted to point out that there's a picture of Al and Grant with the caption Frank and Grant.

I'll deal with Mr. Chickenunderwear later.

And now I'm off to see some greybeards at MSG.

rundangerously said...

michael, are you getting yourself into trouble :D

thanks frank, i made the correction. can't wait to hear about the dead show!

CTmarathoner said...

great photos --you got everyone -even 'vincent'-I mean Ritchie:)..
frankd --cant wait to hear about the dead show!!

susan said...

Nice shots Frank, and what a great race you had, regardless of the heat! You make it look easy. Congratulations. See you in a couple of weeks!