Saturday, April 25, 2009

the dead kick off nyc region shows at nassau coliseum: setlist

dead shows at the nassau coliseum have a fond place in my heart - that was where, back in the spring of 1980, i caught my first grateful dead show. hard to believe that was almost 30 years ago! last night the band, sans jerry, kicked off their ny region shows there (and head to madison square garden tonight).

here is what they played last night:

first set:

jack straw
brown-eyed women
it's all over baby blue
easy wind
death don't have no mercy
don't ease me in
lost sailor>
saint of circumstance

second set:

when i paint my masterpiece (acoustic)
peggy-o (acoustic)
looks like rain (acoustic)
alabama getaway>
dark star
knocking on heaven's door
goin' down the road feeling bad


touch of grey

since a few of my friends were at the show, hopefully i'll update this post with their impressions of the show!


Anonymous said...

It was grate being back at the Coliseum to see the Dead! 20 rows back and the sound was loud.
2nd set finish and encore showed a little of what that crowd was capable of. Could've used a little more of that. Overall (+)

Anonymous said...

I was there and it was an amazing show. "Easy wind" was a shock but that version was amazing "drums" and "space" had many sound effects and after awhile it got i bit boring... "goin' down the road" and "touch of grey" stole the crowd at the end. GREAT SHOW!!!

P.S.I am 10 yrs. old and i went to the show with my dad...

David said...

Caught this show, and it was lovely. I think they all sang exceptionally (really competitively) well. Lesh never pushed out of his range on Peggy-o, and Bobby sang more than talked his lyrics. They started almost casually with a long intro to Jack Straw that was plaintive and melodic.
I was particularly surprised at Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance to end the set. Never been a fan of those, and in fact said on the drive over, "I hope they don't play those songs." But sometimes you get shown the light..." I completely "got" those songs this time. Maybe it was something in the air. They were rousing and coupled with a brilliant light sequence it was just a monster piece, and perfect ending to the first set.
I had this unreasonable idea that they would not sing on Dark Star as a tribute to Jerry, because he is in effect Dark Star, shining his long shadow on the stage.

Zoooma!! said...

Here we are almost in July and I've listened only to the 8 shows before Nassau but I'm listening to Nassau now (finishing up the 1st set (Saint) as I type this) and I can say that no song played can surprise me from this band. The show before this Mr. Charlie opened the show! How weird is that? Easy Wind is awesome here! Death Don't in the 1st set is odd but overall, what a GREAT set of music. Listening the Soundboard really really really gives the listener a great appreciation for the music itself. And when the crowd truly immensely digs a particular spot and goes nuts, you can hear it nicely. What a sweet show show and a sweet tour, for the most part! (and if anyone reading this wants to download soundboards, I've got 'em posted at my blog! Enjoy!!)