Wednesday, March 19, 2008

pat metheny trio - a guest review!

as i mentioned yesterday, my wife went to see the pat metheny trio at the town hall theatre in new york city last night. while i count myself a fan of the pat metheny group, i'm not a fan of all things pat metheny. in this case, i had no desire to see his trio - as fantastic as the reviews of his current tour are.

but my wife loved the concert and agreed to post her brief review of the show:


Last night's jazz performance by Pat Metheny, Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez was amazing. Although the Town Hall concert in Manhattan coincided with the trio's recent release of their new CD "Day Trip" (Nonesuch Records), the group played a variety of Pat's tunes, from slow ballads, to somewhat traditional "modern" jazz, to loud pieces that might even pass as some sort of jazz/rock hybrid. That's the incredible thing about Pat: he can do anything on his guitars, and he does. The concert began by Pat coming out alone and playing three slow pieces, each one more beautiful, melodic, and layered than the last. Pat's slow songs are simply incredible for their magical way of telling a story. If I had my way, I'd have Pat play only slow pieces, one after another, for two straight hours.

Alas, he finally let the other two members of the trio out on stage - - which was fine by me. Christian McBride, from Philadelphia, was on string bass, and Antonio Sanchez, from Mexico City, was on drums. Throughout the night, both men showed how very talented they are. McBride's smoothness and soulful playing is mesmerizing, as is Sanchez's intense and varied ways of playing percussion. The first three tunes by the trio were from the new CD - - "Son of 13," then "Let's Move" and "Calvin's Keys" - - all of them incredible. Then they played "Police People" from the "New Song X" CD Pat put out a few years ago. "When We Were Free" was a long, stretched out piece from the new CD, which I and the crowd especially loved. Then came "This is America," a piece about Katrina, which I missed most of because I took a break to call my daughter at home, but was wonderfully soulful and melodic at the end. They played one or two more before leaving the stage and coming back for a well-deserved encore. I loved every minute of it and could have listened to more for another hour or two! All in all, "experiencing" Pat Metheny and his trio for about two hours, non-stop, was a wonderful way to spend an evening.

here's the review of the show from the new york times.

here are a couple of upbeat reviews of the trio's boston show, which they played just prior to the new york city appearance:

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