Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tuesday mileage

i ran 3 times today, for a total of 13 miles! working from home has an upside, the ability to get in more miles than i would on a normal day commuting back and forth on the metronorth.

after a morning spent drafting documents, i headed out at lunchtime to run. i did 8 miles in 1:00:12, a 7:47 pace. playing in my ipod was robin trower live on the kings biscuit flower hour - in honor of his gig in the city tonight. speaking of concerts, my wife went in to see pat metheny at town hall tonight. if he had played with his group, instead of his trio, i would probably have gone to that show as well.

after that run i went back to work, and just before 5:30, decided to head out for another run. this time it was 4 miles in 30:04, a 7:31 pace. those miles fly by to the dead song cycle, china cat sunflower, i know you rider, lady with a fan, terrrapin station, and the wheel. in dead speak, that playlist could have looked like this: china > rider > terrapin > wheel :)

then i was in for a big surprise. when i got home my daughter was waiting at the front door and said "run a mile with me daddy," wow, this was more of a surprise than when i ran a mile with her and our neighbor last week. that time i had gotten a heads up that they wanted to run before i went out for my daily run.

so we went out for a easy out and back mile in 9:53 - a pace that made the time fly by way too fast :(

the two day total of 23 miles is the highest start to a regular training week in months. but, as the new countdown clock ticks away on the sidebar, only 17 days left until umstead. and that remind me to load the talking heads "life during wartime" onto the ipod...

"this ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around..."


AnthonyP said...

3 runs ?? You are mad...but the last one was so worth it.

rundangerously said...

anthony, mark down may 3rd - you have to make the road trip down to the bklyn half w/us!

Paul said...

Re: your question about Masters All American Road Racing:

I don't think you need to go to the Raritan club's events, you just need to have beaten the standard on a certified course. I'd imagine that all NYRRC courses meet that criteria.
For all of the standards go to the National Masters News site here:

NMN All American RR

There is a link at the bottom to submit results and request a certificate, etc. I would have referenced this page in my post (instead of the Raritan club) but the site wasn't working on that date.
From the home page there are links to the track standards as well as the women's info (so Emmy can get some accolades).

Good luck.

Zooomabooma said...

"in dead speak, that playlist could have looked like this: china > rider > terrapin > wheel :)"

Nice! I've got such an addiction to running to (part of) a new album (one I've probably never heard) every time out, that I don't run to the Good Ol' GD. Listen to 'em plenty but one of these days I'll have to count out Beats Per Minute for everything and put together some good running playlists. For now I'm just workin' on getting in better shape and slowly moving my times up ... I'm such an amateur runner compared to your mileage but I'm workin' on it!

Thanks for stoppin' my blog. Good to "meet up" with another Dead Runner!

rundangerously said...

zooomabooma, give us a heads up when you're back in jersey (or the east coast, for that matter).

if you're anywhere near the city, then there'll be plenty of races to check out!