Sunday, March 30, 2008

scarsdale races photos

john and michael, post 4 miler

anton, post-15k

judy and michael, post 4 miler

susan (3rd woman overall) and her sons, post 4 miler

mark, post 15k

while i didn't run in either the 4 miler or 15k race this morning, i couldn't help taking some photos of my friends after they ran the races.

here are the photos from the kids races.
here are photos from the 2009 scarsdale 15k and 4 mile races.

1 comment:

CTmarathoner said...

what great photos. should have come hung with the racers but this is the next best thing -Susan will LOVE the photo of she and her sons -I miss seeing her:( and John will love his. Glad Michael raced --sounds like a good time was had by all.