Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i got tagged by anthony yesterday - and at first i had no clue what that meant! soon enough i found out that it was sharing seven things about yourself that others may or may not know. so here are seven relatively obscure things about me:

1. i watched a lot of star trek and star trek: the next generation way back in the day. i still consider the borg the greatest villains of all time! and i love captain picard's understated authority when he says, "make it so."

2. in high school i didn't run track, or cross country. instead, i was on the gymnastics team - and, for a short time, on the wrestling team. i didn't do sports in college :(

3. i'm into ham radio and listening to stations on my short wave radio. that probably grew out of those my years as an av/sound squad geek in high school. but it really doesn't explain why i'm so technologically challenge now!

4. i could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. it is my absolute favorite food! of course, dessert would have to be pizza - my second absolute favorite food. so much for the uniqueness of absolute ;)

5. i love big jammy zinfandels. i love all things wine - especially drinking it!

6. i love the outdoors. fishing, camping, hiking, trail running - you know, all that boy scout stuff (and, yes i was a boy scout)!

7. i think everything we experience in our day to day lives can eventually be found in an old episode of seinfeld!

phew, guess i have to get back to work now!


johnking said...

Ummm so where is the best sushi place in Boston?? I love the stuff!! I didn't run track or XX in high school either, the coach was a moron. Seinfeld can be realted to EVERYTHING in life. My all-time favorite is the Frogger episode.
As far as lent goes, I am not catholic, but lived with Catholic roommates for my 6.5 stint in a university setting so I used to give up things. In a town of nothing, there isn't much nightlife diversity besides drinking so I try to stay home and read rather than partake in hops and barley Monday-Sunday, but an occasional brew is appreciated.

rundangerously said...

john, the frogger episode was set in a pizzera - haha! and i just finished reading ben cheevers running book, "strides" - and it made me think of george and the "cheever" episode!

about sushi - i'd definitely be up for it, but i figured it would be too out there as a choice for the boston fe on saturday night. maybe on sunday, instead of the pasta dinner? that would be an interesting pre-race dinner twist!

i should've added beer to that list - i also dig microbrews!

ct mara. said...

well, I must know you somewhat well OR you didn't divulge too many mysterious things, as I knew all of those about you except that you liked Star Wars. Knew about the gymanstics, outdoors, red wine, and of course Seinfeld. Didn't know what the Frogger episode was!. I basically do eat sushi everyday but not the good kind -the supermarket kind. My favorite is raw tuna with miso sauce -yum. I did respond to Anthony saying that i am a candy-lover also...maybe runners need that sugar fix? glad you got 8 miles in yesterday! love your entries. I also asked Meri about her last long training week for umstead and she replied that she was doing a 6 hour run over the having all the blogs linked for inspiration.

AnthonyP said...

Well done...well done.