Sunday, March 15, 2009

trrc st. patrick's day 10K & 2 mile races: photos and results

just back from the trrc st. patrick's day races. instead of running the 10k (as planned), i volunteered and helped compile the results of the manually scored 2 mile race. then emmy and i jogged the course in reverse - and i took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the runners in action.

lining up for the 2 miler.

lining up for the 2 miler.

2 miler, just underway.

pam, and her daughters.

bob (turned 59 today) w/pam and her family.

ilana and pam.


emmy and judy.

anton and emmy.

ted (in yellow and black).

10k in progress.

10k in progress.


mark (in front).






lee and emmy.

gary, pouring captain lawrence double ipa's.

post-race: anton (in hat).

here are the 10k results from trrc.

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DawnB said...

was there any hills. The park is pretty