Tuesday, March 31, 2009

april 2009 race schedule

april kicks off with a return to north carolina for the umstead 100 mile endurance run. it's a bit of unfinished business for me, since i dropped out of the 2008 run at mile 78 - ouch. too bad i just couldn't pick it up this weekend where i left off last year - ha!

the following weekend is another repeat from last year, this time on a much happier note; the bunny boogie in darien with katie. it combines recovery with father-daughter time :D

a pair of new events, back to back 5k and 15k, are on deck mid-month. both events are possible only because i got closed out of boston this year. it's the first time, after five consecutive trips, that my family and i won't be headed to boston for the marathon - ouch :(

last, but not least this month, is the sybil ludington 50k - and very old and dear friend (my very first ultra, actually). the race is undergoing a significant course change this time around. more on that news in a future post.

4/4 - umstead 100 mile endurance run - [dns]
4/11 - bunny boogie, 3m - [w/katie]
4/18 - bridgeport international run, 5k
4/19 - hudson valley 15k
4/25 - sybil ludington 50k
4/46 - where the wild things run 5k

hopefully, this schedule won't undergo as many revisions as my original plan for march did!

update: well, the first casualty of this month was my plan to run umstead. instead of umstead, i have pneumonia to deal with - how about that for bad luck to kick off a month?!

final update: in a last minute surprise, i added another race, "where the wild things run 5k" the day after sybil. in another surprise, i won the race - which, coincidentally, was my 400th race since i started running again in 2000!

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UltraBrit said...

Good luck to you at Umstead. I'll be sending you positive vibes.