Sunday, March 22, 2009

bob dylan goes electric with "bringing it all back home" 44 years ago!

wow, two bob dylan posts in 4 days! 44 years ago, march 22, 1965, dylan released his 5th album. "bringing it all back home," in 3 years. it was released 4 days after the 3rd anniversary of his "self titled" debut album. what made this a dylan album an instant milestone - in a career littered with one milestone after another - was the entire album side devoted to electric guitar!

dylan was already critically reknown at this time. in fact, he was just wrapping up a tour that featured joan baez alongside him. he had [yet to] anger his original fans with the electric performance at the newport folk festival [that summer]. this album was a herald of things to come - his new direction, so to speak. this album was unacceptable to some die hard (acoustic) dylan fans. but for the rest of us, it opened up a world of new music possibilities!

the album contained what would become dylan's first "top ten" hit, "subterranean homesick blues" and an instant classic. also on the album was dylan's "tambourine man" - made even more famous via covers! one of my own personal dylan's favorites, "maggie's farm," debuted on this album - and has been covered numerous times by bob weir and ratdog (not to mention jerry garcia).


Anonymous said...

After wikipedia the releasing date was indeed 3/22 but the Newport folk (!!) festival appearance was much later: 25/7, so your logig seems to be iverse polish.
I have always wondered why they were so upset there because they had had 4 months to get used to Maggies farm and others. As far as I know (Wikipedia probably confirms) the single Like a Rollin' Stone was out too before Newport.

rundangerously said...

you're absolutely correct!

my mistake - dylan's 63 and 64 newport appearances were acoustic!

he played electric at 65 newport!!

my apologies!

Double E said...

the single was out and on the charts before newport 65.