Friday, March 20, 2009

3rd manhattan cask ale festival at chelsea brewing company

what an excellent afternoon! the 3rd manhattan cask ale festival at the chelsea brewing company definitely surpassed the 2nd manhattan cask ale festival (which, itself, managed to set a high standard) that i attended last fall.

over the course of the afternoon i had six great beers (and tasted two more). of the bunch, my personal favorite was the pittsfield brew works "chipotle brown" - an incredible peppery brew that just kept the heat coming sip after sip. it had a lot in common with rogue's chipotle ale, another favorite of mine.

i also loved the brooklyn "intensified coffee stout" - which competed with the recent memory of some incredible captain lawrence expresso stout that i had the pleasure to drink over the last few months. either one is an excellent choice!

these are all the beers i tried (including the two i stole tastes from):

brooklyn "intensified coffee stout"
burton bridge "thomas sykes old ale" (barleywine)
from emmy: flossmoor station "pullman brown ale"
pittsfield brew works "chipotle brown"
the bruery "cuvee jeune"
voodoo "big black voodoo daddy"
triumph "gothic ale"
from kevin: captain lawrence "nor'easter" - partially oaked

here are some pictures from the event:

me (w/triumph "gothic ale") and kevin (w/captain lawrence "nor'easter")

emmy (w/flossmoor station "pullman brown ale")


IanDoesBrooklyn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the event! If you wanted to see more pictures and scope out what we have in the future you can visit my blog for all the info.

Ian Phillips
CBC Ambassador

rundangerously said...

thanks ian! you put on a great festival - keep 'em coming!!

Anonymous said...

Thirteen of the country’s finest craft brewers will gather at the Matinecock Masonic Historical Society in Oyster Bay on August 22, 2009 from 1:00—5:00pm to showcase their finest cask beer. Festival attendees will be able to try samples of the cask beer from the local, award winning breweries like Blue Point Brewing Company and Black Forest Brew Haus, plus breweries hailing from California, Pennsylvania, New York State, and Massachusetts. The event will be held at the Matinecock Masonic Historical Society located at 14 W. Main Street in Oyster Bay, NY.