Tuesday, March 31, 2009

plaxico burress due in court today on gun possession charge

plaxico burress is due in the manhattan criminal court this morning for a hearing on his gun possession charges. but the appearance should be over in minutes - without much news - according to plaxico's lawyer, benjamin brafman. as reported in yesterday's ny times, brafman said he and the prosecution have agreed to a continuance while discussions over a plea bargain are underway.

in a somewhat ironic twist, yesterday's ny times coverage included a detailed look at the typical disposition of similar gun possession charges. while burress may face some jail time the article suggested, it's hardly likely that the book would be thrown at him because of the mitigating circumstances. and the defense got a bit more ammunition (obviously a figure of speech - ha) when the giants management droned on last week about their efforts to keep plaxico's spot on the roster ready for him when he returns to the team.

but today's ny times blog leads off with this provocative title "the case for saying bye to burress."

stay tuned: i'll update this post later this morning with any new developments from the hearing.

update: as expected, the case was adjourned until june 15.

SHOCKER UPDATE: on friday, april 3, 2009, the giants unexpectedly released plaxico burress!

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