Saturday, March 14, 2009

nyrr 8000: race photos and results

what a great morning to race! while i wound up overdressed (w/2 long steeve tech shirts and tights), managed to finish in 33:36, a 6:45 pace. emmy was right behind me in 33:47 - and took 2nd in her age group! ran into fellow taconic members tom, bob and jane; as well as eric and his friend jason and ilana and her friend eliot. as we exited the park, ran into sal as well!

here are the race results from nyrr.

here is my race report.

here are my race photos:

emmy, eric, and me.

eric and jason

tom, emmy, and bob


Julie said...

Looks crowded, but everyone is smiling. I guess spring brings out the robins and the runners.

CTmarathoner said...

I am so happy that Sal is venturing up to Sybil. Unbelievable that we saw Ilana and eliot but I missed Susan!!! She was looking for us to cool down and find her finishing with DJ. Told her I had to run back to the car. And talk about big numbers, Don said that they has 1,000 entrants in
the warren st. 4 miler! Hope John finds parking.

DawnB said...

nice job Frank even though it do look a little gloomy in central park. Sat was weird I went out when it was about 35 came it was in the fifties.

Morrissey said...

awesome job frank! we were prob running close to each other at one point! anyways- theres' me on 006 and 007. I should've turned around! hehehe