Thursday, March 5, 2009

john belushi died 27 years ago today :(

it's shocking to realize that comedic genius john belushi has been dead for almost 30 years! he died of a cocaine/heroin (a/k/a "speedball") overdose 27 years ago today, march 5, 1982, at the tragically young age of 33.

anyone who grew up in the late 70's would be instantly familiar with his classic saturday night live performances. my personal, all-time, favorite snl bit was belushi's frighteningly dead-on impersonation of joe cocker in concert!

then there was his iconic role of bluto, in the classic, "animal house," that defined the entire genre of party animal frat brother. his half of the blues brothers, jake, was the other iconic role that came to define the belushi image.

but belushi was a much more versatile performer. two movies filmed in the last year of his life, "continental divide" and "neighbors," were far removed from his 70's t.v. and film personae.
the latter, "neighbors," was an incredibly twisted dark comedy where he reteamed with his blues brothers' partner, dan ackroyd.

his biography was penned by none other than bob woodward - "wired: the short life & fast times of john belushi."

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