Monday, March 23, 2009

giants gm jerry reese said team will take plaxico back, if...

a week before wide receiver plaxico burress is due in court to face gun possession charges, the giant's general manager jerry reese, at the nfl owner's meeting yesterday, said that the giants would give plaxico a second chance if certain conditions were met. the most obvious condition, one would imagine, is that plaxico avoids conviction and jail time on the criminal charges (but they'd probably settle for the avoidance of jail time).

the more interesting condition, as reported in today's daily news coverage, it that plaxico must agree to "play by the same rules" that apply to his teammates. this condition (which to most professional would go without saying) was positively jaw dropping (at least for me):

"Reese, who said the legal process is what's most important for Burress now, said he and Tom Coughlin and the rest of the organization are "on board" with the plan to allow Burress to return as long as he agrees to play by the same rules as the other players on the team. That means showing up on time, not skipping treatment sessions and being responsible.

Reese made it clear that Burress has signed off on that stipulation in the conversations they've had."

that the giants continue to engage in this sideshow is very sad. the giants have spent the off season bolstering their already solid roster of defensive players - which is always great news. but the giants have NOT made any moves to find a NEW wide receiver that can take the place of plaxico burress. even if burress walked away from the gun charges scott-free, he still faces the league sanctions (whatever they may be).

plaxico may play few, if any, games in a giants uniform in the 2009 season. hopefully, by draft day(s) the giants management will have snapped out of this long running delusional dream state and decided to make a new wide receiver the top priority for the team!

anything short of that objective is pure fantasy!

update: days following the adjourned march 31 hearing, the giants officially released burress from the team!


John Herling said...

Compare the Giants' game results with Plax on the field to those without him, and then decide if they should take him back or not. Why is taking him back a dangerous delusion?

rundangerously said...

there's no question plax's a great player - when he wants to be. but he isn't a team player.

and anyone who feels it necessary to walk into a nyc bar with a loaded weapon is someone i can do w/out.

there are plenty of great wr's out there. the giants should spend some energy trying to find one and sign him.