Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eiffel tower is 120 years old today!

the eiffel tower was official dedicated on march 31, 1889 - 120 years ago today. it's birthday present is a complete repainting! the project to apply the new coat of bronze paint will take at least one year, involve 25 painters, consume 6o tons of paint, and cost 170 million euros!

on a personal note, after new york city, paris is easily my favorite city. i've been to the eiffel tower a few times as a tourist (my best visit there was the climb up to the observation decks w/pat and katie). but my favorite memories of the eiffel tower involve - what else - running. the last trip i took to paris, in october, i managed a few nice runs along the tower during that visit. the ones at night were especially memorable.

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Anonymous said...

When I was in Paris (1994) I was not yet a runner. But, I love travel running. My favorite run ever was along the Thames in London when I was there a few years ago on vacation with my mom. That time alone, running, was surely the thing that spared her life!! ha ha.