Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring equinox!

spring has arrived! but i can't decide whether groundhog (phil) was right in his prediction of another 6 weeks of winter - or whether his competitor on staten island (chuck), who not only found a minute to bite the mayor, but predicted an early spring arrival, got it right? it's been an incredibly mixed bag, weather-wise, since groundhog day.

last year at this time i looked forward to the h.a.t. run, but then switched to the queens 60k at the last minute. this weekend i'm not running the colon cancer 15k - i'm a causality of the newly imposed nyrr race cap. but i'll volunteer there as a course marshall instead. the only race on deck this weekend is the recently rescheduled spring equinox (how appropriately named :D) 8k on sunday afternoon. that should be fun - but the weather forecast, once again, is mixed!

before the weekend, however, comes today! i'm leaving work early, after a late morning client meeting, and heading north to the chelsea brewing company for the 3rd manhattan cask ale festival! it's hard to believe the 2nd manhattan cask ale festival was barely 6 months ago! that one was a lot of fun - and got to taste some awesome craft beer! this time around, i'm not only looking forward to the great beer - but may see a few familiar faces there :D

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ChickenUnderwear said...

My kids were so excited that Spring started today and so confused that is was snowing.

Oh, it must have great to be eight!