Tuesday, March 24, 2009

world tuberculosis (tb) day 2009

today, march 24, 2009, is world tuberculosis day.

here is the a snippet of the press release from the international union against tuberculosis and lung disease:

"Paris, 24 March 2009 – World TB Day, which is observed on 24 March each year, marks a major turning point in public health history.

On that day in 1882, Dr Robert Koch of Germany identified the bacillus that causes tuberculosis, an infectious disease so devastating that it was then known in Europe as “the white plague”. It took another 60 years before antibiotics rendered the disease curable; and even today, with effective treatment available, the World Health Organization reported there were 9.2 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths in 2006. World TB Day was launched in 1982 to mark the 100th anniversary of Koch’s discovery.

Countries around the world use marches, street theatre, murals, media workshops, government briefings and other events to educate people about the symptoms of TB; build awareness of the need for resources, including new TB diagnostic tools and drugs; and celebrate the survival of those who have recovered.

For organisations such as the 89-year-old International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), World TB Day serves an important purpose. “It’s a reminder to everyone that the fight against tuberculosis is ongoing. It hasn’t been won yet,” says Dr Nils E Billo, Executive Director of The Union..."

take the time to read the full text of the release.

the slogan this year, "I am stopping TB" is a repeat of 2008. it's the second half of a two-year campaign that began with world tuberculosis day 2008.

do your part to help "Stop TB."

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