Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 boston marathon is officially filled, registration closed!!

this quiet little announcement on the baa site says it all:

Registration is closed for the 2009 Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon does not have a waiting list, late registration on race weekend, or race day registration.The names of all official entrants are published on the B.A.A. web site.

Please note that bib numbers are not transferable. Those attempting to transfer their bib numbers, as well as those in receipt of a transferred entry, will be disqualified.

The Boston Athletic Association thanks you for your cooperation.

The 114th Boston Marathon will be run on Monday, April 19, 2010; tentatively, applications will begin to be accepted in September 1009.

that news effectively ends my streak of consecutive boston marathons at 5!


baa says the posted announcement was a mistake!! april fools day in january?

register asap, the field has not yet been filled and registration is still open - phew!!


this is headline post on the baa site today:



apparently, they let the cat out of the bag too soon. but less than 5 days later it became a cold cruel reality. hopefully some runners managed to squeeze in a registration during that tiny window of opportunity!

2010 boston marathon closed out even faster - on november 13, 1009!!


Pam said...

I'm new at this Boston thing ... does "register" only apply to those who have a qualifying time? You can't just register if you're a slow poke, right?

johnking said...

Pam, you have to have a QT to register unless you're going through a charity.

I saw that and figured no way it was true and then they came out with the statement. better get your ducks in a row man and then your beers!

Danielle said...

The website still says it is closed. Is this a mistake, or has it filled up by now? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The website will still not let me register ;( So Sad.

Anonymous said...

i registered last week but they haven't confirmed me and my name isn't on the list,does this mean i didn't get in or are they still reveiewing my qualifying time?