Monday, January 12, 2009

led zeppelin's self-titled debut album released 40 years ago today

40 years ago today, january 12, 1969, led zeppelin release its first album, and the rest is rock history. they had actually toured as the "new yardbirds," prior to getting into the studio to record the album.

here's a pretty decent history of the genesis of this classic. this wasn't anywhere near my favorite zep album - that would be a toss-up between physical graffitti and zozo (VI). still, i did listen to "communications breakdown" incessantly, my favorite track on the album. "dazed and confused" was great too, but much greater live than the studio version.

to celebrate, q 104.3 fm is having a special one hour "get the led out" program devoted covering 40 years of led zeppelin! check it out.

too bad robert plant shot down plans for a zep reunion this year. but, if rumors of the remaining band members (plus bonham's son, jason) recording new material together are on the level, we may see a zep "light" release soon.

last, but not least, can't get over how the cover art mirrors the giants implosion, yesterday ;)

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