Monday, January 12, 2009

jets win superbowl - 16-7 upset over baltimore colts 40 years ago today!!

how fitting is for us new york giants fans to wake up the day after big blue crashed and burned yesterday - and celebrate the 40th anniversary of jets superbowl victory (another team dressed in green). on january 12, 1969, the jets pulled off one of the biggest upsets in nfl history when they beat the heavily favored baltimore colts, 16-7, in miami.

almost as impressive as the win itself, quarterback joe namath had "guaranteed" the victory to an astonished press corps - despite the jets going into the game as 18 point underdogs!

so instead of deconstructing yesterday's ugly, ugly, ugly (and feel free to add as many uglys here as you see fit) giants collapse, or daydreaming about what could have been... we have this really cool - and ironic - green tinted anniversary to celebrate :D

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