Friday, January 2, 2009

an arctic blast to kick off the new year!

well maybe things didn't look that bleak yesterday, but the 12 degrees and howling wind gusts that brought the real feel temperature down to -4 made it feel like that when i went outside to get a few miles in. the new year's day christmas t(h)ree miler was switched to an unscored fun run because of the weather. my little honda couldn't handle the icy road conditions for the drive over to new canaan so i, reluctantly (but sanely, for change), skipped it.

instead, i put on at least two of everything (including warm-up pants over my tights, and gloves over my gloves!) and dragged myself outside for a 6.5 miler. i wore trail shoes for the extra traction. the side streets were blanketed with ice (and were mostly deserted). the post road sidewalk (my main running strip) was covered with frozen snow. despite all the extra clothing, when i got home my fingers were numb and it took a while before i managed to thaw out!

24 hours later, with the wind gone and the temperature up to 28 degrees, it was practically balmy outside. the ice was gone from the roads, but the most of the sidewalk on the post road was still covered with frozen or melting snow. even though i ran the exact same route, the warmer conditions made it feel like another (happier) world!

here are the splits:

thursday (1/1):

8:20 16:55
7:39 24:34
7:35 32:09
8:06 40:15
7:48 48:03
3:57 52:00

8:00 pace

friday (1/2):

7:55 16:16
7:31 23:47
7:29 31:16
8:09 39:25
7:42 47:07
4:16 51:23

7:55 pace

tomorrow, weather permitting(!), will do the norfolk pub 10 miler. sunday, again weather permitting, will head over to norwalk for the boston build-up 10k.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Frank! Warning: it's not too flat in Norfolk, but I guess the beer is great. Don't forget to same some energy for that little hill at the end of the Boston Build-up 10K!


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Just_because_today said...

those are the days when a treadmil comes in handy