Sunday, January 18, 2009

arctic weather training blues :(

this weather has started to take it's toll on me. day after day of these arctic conditions has made it seem like i'm in jail, stuck in an icebox, actually. right now it's snowing outside and i'm trying to drag myself out for a run. the boston build-up 15k scheduled for this morning was postponed until next weekend. so i have to make up at least 9 miles just to log what i would have done if the race had taken place.

this is the 3rd race postponed, or switched to a fun run, in the last month. our first snowstorm of the season led to the ted corbitt 15k getting switched to a fun run. the very next day, the christmas t(h)ree miler was postponed - the first of two and, ultimately, on the third try, it too was switched to a fun run on new year's day. on the bright side of postponements, i ran the norfolk pub 10 miler (albeit in icebox conditions) for the first time because of bad weather on it's original date!

those bright spots are few and far between. while my january mileage thru yesterday, 125.5, is significantly above december's 100.3 for the same period - it is substantially below last january's 164.3 miles at this time. moreover, at this time last year i had already run one 50k to kick off the year. more fun, however, this week last year i ran my miles in paris (in the rain, but still in the city of lights) - no such luck this time around!

speaking of miles, the other downer is the drop in my daily mileage from a targeted 6-8 per day to a string of less than ideal 4-6 milers. while not totally the weather's fault, a good chunk of the blame is my lack of determination to get in those "extra" couple of miles when the wind chill drops the effective temperature into the single digits. a small silver lining: despite the whining, i've dragged myself outside, regardless of the weather, for a run each the last 26 straight days.

it'll be 27 straight when i stop this current whining, post this entry, bundle up, and drag myself outside this morning (but first comes the snow shovelling)...

thanks for tolerating rant/whine about the winter blues :D

postcript: managed to squeeze in 15 miles over the course of 3 runs.


Just_because_today said...

yes, I feel trapped. I can't get out of my house because my driveway is not plowed

AnthonyP said...

I hope you made it out. I wish you could have joined us at Rockefeller for a great 27 mile run we had today. It was a blast. Hope to see you soon !

Pam said...

What else is there to do when you don't have the Giants to throw darts at? Your blues are partially driven by BIG BLUE and not having football to watch today, right? :)